All about Scott ski goggles

Whether you have been skiing black diamond runs for years, or are about to go skiing for the very first time, you will need a decent pair of ski goggles. While sunglasses will do for much of the time spent on the piste, snowy weather necessitates using goggles or a ski mask.


All about Scott ski goggles

Scott ski goggles come in all different sizes and styles, which are suitable for men, women, teens and children to wear on the slopes. One very popular choice of Scott ski goggles is the women's jewel goggle which have anti-fog lens treatment, ideal for bad weather conditions. The jewel google comes complete with air control system, cylindrical optiview double lens, 100% UV protection and is specifically designed to fit feminine faces. Scott goggles contain multi-layer face foam to help them fit comfortable on the face, with prices starting from around £30. You can easily team up a pair of Scott ski goggles with a helmet, as they are fully compatible.

Younger skiers may find the Scott proxy goggle a stylish yet affordable choice. This style fits best on small to medium sized faces and has hypoallergenic super soft face foam to fit comfortably.

Where to buy Scott ski goggles

As the Scott brand of ski wear, skis and accessories is a very popular choice, it is really simple to find a god quality pair of Scott ski goggles in sportswear shops and specialist ski stores. Alternative, you can save a great deal on Scott ski wear by shopping online.

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