All about Eider ski pants

As most seasoned skiers will know, there are many different ski wear brands now selling all different kinds of ski clothes and accessories to look great and feel comfy on the slopes. One brand worth knowing more about is Eider, producing top quality Eider ski pants.


About Eider ski pants

Whether you are a complete novice or have been skiing each winter for many years, a pair of Eider ski pants will help protect you from the elements whilst enjoying time on the piste. The 2011 collection of Eider ski pants, include the Eider Catina pant (with defender Stretch for maximum comfort in multiple colours), the Eider rand pant (with straps, adjustable belt and ventilation pocket) and the Eider trigger pant (low-slung, yet maximum protection). Prices start from around £90.

Where to Buy Eider Ski Pants

As ski wear costs and ski equipment, as well as holiday accommodation and travel prices will soon add up, it is certainly worth knowing where you can get the best deals on eider ski pants. For the greatest range of colours, styles and sizes, it is best to head online. Here are a few helpful examples of where to find more affordable Eider ski pants: eBay, Amazon, Eider Ski.com, Mac Ski.com, Ski Store and Skiing Twenga UK (prices from £89.99). It is also important to look out for various special offers, discounts, coupons and coupon codes. Multiple ways to save on your favourite Eider pants may be found at online saver sites, such as 1001 Coupons, Coupons 4 U and Retail me Not.

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