All about children's ski gloves

When it comes to shopping for an item like children's ski gloves in the UK your choice can be rather limited. Where the high street shopping does reign supreme though is in its ability to allow you to try the item on first (important when sizing for children) and also the quality of the fabric and design.

None-the-less, online shopping for the likes of children s ski gloves is still your best option.


Try winterkids.com This site has a nice little selection of kids ski gloves and mittens for two age groups, 0-8 years and 8-16.

Obermeyer and Spyder are the two main brands that they stock. The Obermeyer Thumbs Up Mitten, block print, is a popular item coming in at only 24.95. Meanwhile the Spyder Mini Cubby Long Mitten (Alpine) at 29.95 offers an alternative.


This is a global brand name which infact has high street stores in the UK. Therefore, this offers the best combination. You can check the website before venturing out to the store to get an idea of what you want.

The big brands that Snow and Rock stock are Gordini, Invicta and Barts. Some examples of some of their great selling products are the Barts Baby Mitt at 7.99 (in the sales) and the Invicta Shark Mitt at 15.99.

In Conclusion

Shopping online is the way to go. It does have obvious sticking points, like it being more difficult to return an item and that you cant try before you buy. However, all in all it is a great option for kids ski gloves.

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