All about 1964 Pac Sorel boots

Winter gives us the opportunity to try out adventurous new styles of attire, like 1964 Pac Sorel boots. If you are not already familiar with the celebrated Pac Sorel brand, they make comfortable, stylish and warm snow boots for men and women


Comfort is the foundation on which each pair of snow boots that leaves the Pac Sorel warehouses. The covering of the boots is made of soft suede which keeps the foot comfortably warm. The rubber outsole on the boots has been extended upward, almost covering the ankle, to keep out moisture as you wade through snow and mud. To further protect the feet from cold moisture, the boots are covered with water-repellant polyurethane.

Where to Get Them

Pac Sorel boots can be found in almost any clothing store in the UK. The women’s snow boots are particularly popular and are rarely out of stock. However, you can always shop at an online store like shopalike.co.uk or ebay.co.uk to find prices of the different styles and place an order.


The quality, comfort and unique styling of Pac Sorel boots does not come cheap. A pair of 1964 Pac Sorel Graphic boots for women goes for £40. The Sorel women’s Tivoli high boot costs about £85. These are the prices on Pac Sorel’s website. However, you can shop around the different online shops and see if you can get a better deal or chance upon a discount. Even if you are not lucky enough to find one, no one can blame you for succumbing to the temptation of getting that pair of 1964 Pac Sorel boots anyway.

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