Alexa Chung takes over the world

When Alexa Chung first appeared on our TV screens, never could we have foreseen how high her star would rise. She’s become a veritable fashion icon, with even a Mulberry bag named after her, and now she is continuing her ascent to global superstardom with a US fashion reality show, and a campaign for Lacoste.

The Telegraph reports that Alexa is currently in New York filming a series called ‘Thrift America’, which is due to air on PBS next summer. The show follows Alexa as she travels around the States, checking out vintage shops, flea markets and garage sales in search of the ultimate fashion find. Surely any style-lovers dream job?

The former T4 presenter will also be the face of the new Lacoste fragrance, due to launch in January 2011. She is the first female celebrity to be signed as a Lacoste face – apparently the brand just love her laid back style and streetwise confidence.

The New York Times recently described Alexa as the ‘most famous person you've probably never heard of’…hold on to your hats, America, we reckon that’s about to change.

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