Alexa Chung launches her own fashion line

Alexa-so hip they named a Mulberry bag after her-Chung is set to launch her own fashion collection for US boutique label Madewell. According to the Daily Mail, the TV presenter and all-round stylish woman has been working as ‘consultant designer’ for the brand, and today she released behind-the-scenes footage from the campaign shoot, in which Chung stars.

CEO Millard Drexler explains that the reasons for asking Chung to come on board were simple: ‘It’s just that Alexa is totally cool. It’s not the way she looks or dresses. It’s the way she is.'

The collection has a vintage feel and the shoot itself has a washed-out, lazy 1950s summer day kind of vibe which makes us immediately want to run into the nearest field wearing a loose-fitting t-shirt and leggings and sing songs on a guitar (which can only really be a good thing). The collection goes on sale on the company’s website tomorrow – better get strumming.

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