Alessandra Ambrosio wears $25 million Fantasy Bra at Victoria’s Secret Show

At Victoria’s Secret they know a thing or two on how to make a girl really happy: let her wear the centre-piece of their fabulous collection. This year the honour to wear the $ 2.5 million dollar Fantasy Bra at the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show held in New York was given to supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio. After 11 years of waiting, the thirty-one year old Brazilian beauty has proudly paraded the precious bra on her stunning body, gracing the catwalk of one of the most anticipated fashion shows of the year. It is the case to say when Angels touch the ground for a few hours.

It is now an unmissable event for the famous American brand of sexy lingerie to showcase every year on the runway a unique and ultra-luxury bra, studded with precious stones, for maximum dramatic effect which has an eye-watering price. Definitely a collector's must have – and every girl’s dream! The 2012 version is called "Floral fantasy bra", and is the most expensive piece of the exclusive Floral collection.

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Over 5,200 precious and semi-precious stones have been embedded to create the Floral Fantasy Bra, including a staggering 20-carat white diamond, sapphires, rubies, amethysts and white, yellow and pink diamonds. A proper work of art specially produced by London Jewelers, New York. Victoria's Secret fashion house didn’t stop there: they also designed one of the most luxurious perfume bottles in the world, featuring 10-carat diamonds and containing the new "Fantasy fragrance". Price tag: $500 thousand dollars.

The soundtrack of the most beautiful show (and when we say that we mean scattered with beauties) was provided by Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. The statuesque Barbedian singer was spotted wearing a floor-lenght black dress, with long lace gloves and a pearl necklace matching her sun-glasses. She later put off a more toned-down look, with a pink see-through dress, pink ankle boots and a pink sweater around her waist.

We wonder if any of the VIP guests present at the Victoria's Secret fashion show have already show interest in buying the staggering Floral Fantasy Bra, or at least the precious fragrance. After all it’s almost Christmas!

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