The Albino fashion brand

The Albino brand is the brainchild of two gifted individuals: Gianfranco Fenizia, a Neapolitan designer architect and Albino D’ Amato, a Roman stylist. Albino D’Amato takes care of the creative side of Albino operations and Gianfranco Fenizia looks after organisational aspects of projects. It has not been without reason that the brand’s international appeal has continued to grow since its first collection was showcased in Place des Vosges, France in 2005.


Albino presents a unique and unmistakeable style in dressmaking and designing. The style is characterised by a respect for elegance and refusal to yield to the sartorial grunge of new fashion. Albino style is contemporary with no decorative applications or excesses. Its emphasis is on clear-cut designs and high standards for the quality of workmanship on every design.

The style marries the distinctive Parisian fashion allure and the exclusive "Made in Italy" sartorial workmanship to produce a distinctive futuristic concept of femininity in its collections. Its "made in Italy" exclusive sartorial workmanship and sublime Parisian couturiers allure is reminiscent of traditional couture, which is a captivating, original and fresh style.


The Albino appeal starts at the fabric level. Collections feature full-handed materials that are masterfully constructed and deconstructed to produce stylish outer garments that resemble dresses. Unfinished edges, gathered effects, knots, zips and other structural additions complement each featured fabric design.

Accurately finished sculptural pieces with impeccable attention to detail and remarkable artistic precision are elements that also determine the couture style in Albino’s collections. With acclaimed designers such as Jean Patou and Cristobal Balenciaga in the designing team, Albino collections do not lack awareness in the quality of industrial, architectural and contemporary art that clients seek.

Bottom line

Albino offers customers an unmistakable personal style that continues to grow in popularity among fashion enthusiasts from across the world. Although based in Milan, Albino customer-base is located throughout the world in countries such as the US, Hong Kong and Japan. This popularity makes Albino one of the top fashion brands that people can trust to produce high quality collections.

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