Find the best air hostess fancy dress for your next party

The 1960 era is coming back into vogue, and what better way to show your enthusiasm for the era than to don an air hostess fancy dress for your next party? There are literally hundreds of online retailers you can use to purchase the perfect frock, but sifting through them all is tedious. Who has the top themed dresses?

If you want just a generic flight attendant dress, Amazon has just the thing with its Female Heroes and Role Model dress by Fancy Dress to Impress that is just risqué enough to raise a few eyebrows but not enough to leave your reputation in tatters. The navy blue dress is a one-piece, with gold buttons and trim, and barely covers the bottom. It comes with a navy, gold-trimmed hat to complete the look. The price is a bit higher than you might expect to pay, but if you plan on wearing it more than once, then the £42.99 might be worth it. Be warned, though. If you don't want your derrier showing, you should wear a skirt or skinny slacks. You can take a look at this costume here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Female-Fancy-Dress-Hostess-Costume/dp/B004O4MQ1O

If you've a favourite airline, you might consider going as one of their stewardesses. XS Party online website carries a red Virgin Atlantic-style suit in an eye-popping red. It comes with a button down jacket with wings on the breast, short skirt, and a hat. The costume received a five-star review from a customer, who stated the quality was excellent and the purchase experience with XS was very good. At £24.99, it's an even better deal than what you'll find at Amazon UK. A great thing about XS Party that sets it apart from other UK fancy dress outlets is its postage cost. It is one of the few retailers that offers free shipping on standard delivery to any address within the UK. This costume is available to view on this page: http://www.xs-party.co.uk/products/xs-party-adult-costumes-cabin-crew-costumes/wkdef-2063-red-virgin-atlantic-sexy-air-hostess-fancy-dress-costume.html

If you're looking to make a big impression on your fellow partygoers, then take a step beyond the flight attendant dress and go for a dominatrix-style female pilot's dress in black leather-like material. With a zip-up front and gold trim, with a captain's hat to complete the look, you'll command attention and respect from every person in the room. Ace Fancy Dress is currently offering this little titbit for £15.38, down from the former price of £34.99, which makes it a great deal. You can find this dress here: http://www.acefancydress.co.uk/mile-high-captain-costume/products_id/7125/

Whichever kind of air hostess you choose to dress up, rest assured, there's a type of costume for your taste.

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