Agent Provocateur: New World Order

Power is always in the hands of women - or at least it is when they're wearing, sexy dominatrix inspired underwear like this latest collection from Agent Provocateur, titled The New World Order.

Check out pictures of the stunning collection

The sassy autumn/ winter collection draws on the theme of superwomen, with models assuming the characteristics of comic book super heroines. 'Elmira' - the inspiration for the models who strutted their wares outside the London boutique for ex, left passers by in no doubt as to the power of the Agent Provocateur clad woman.

Check out pics of the head-turning campaign

The super-powered collection also includes looks such as; 'Tarantula' - who captures prey in her 'web', 'Lace Maidens' - for rock queens, Crystalina - for spiritual glamour, 'Hornette' - the power to melt souls, and many many more still to explode onto the Agent Provocateur website. Woooo!

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