Agent Provocateur hooks Lily Allen for campaign

Following a much publicised slim down from a size 12 to size 8, Agent Provocateur has apparently signed up Lily Allen as the face and body for its Spring 2008 campaign. The lingerie gurus have said that they are banking on her natural looks to appeal to a wider range of customers. Lily certainly has an off beat charm that apparently also appealed to Chanel and rumours were flying around a few months back she was to be signed up to the fashion house too.

The Smile singer will no doubt have a big grin on her face with this lastest promotional campaign. She is reported to be receiving a six figure sum for her endevours.

Let's hope the wild child of the pop world has learned a few lessons from previous promotional stunts. Braun were apparently less than impressed with the singers shenanigans at a recent product launch.

(Image from neil365's Flickr stream)

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