Agent Provocateur decides to sue Kimberley London over bikini

Kimberley London, the swimwear label founded by Made In Chelsea cast member Kimberley Garner, is being sued by Agent Provocateur for design infringement.

The lingerie brand is taking Garner's label, Kimberley London to court for selling a bikini, dubbed the Monaco (in the photo), that looks very similar to Agent Provocateur’s, Mazzy, which is one of their bestsellers.

Garner designed and launched her first capsule swimwear collection just last May, which was “inspired by fabulous locations around the world,” hence the names of the swimsuits, like Ibiza, Saint Bart, The Hamptons or Saint Tropez.

"All of my products are made in England, the fabrics are Italian and the gold charms are Parisian. I wanted to create something truly beautiful but affordable for young women," said Garner, who starred in the third series of the reality show.

"My swimwear is all about flattering girls in the right way and making them feel good. They're a British take on the Brazilian."

The action was filed at the Patents County Court in London and as the Monaco design features a triangle-shape top with additional straps around the body and a cut-away brief.

The Mazzy comes in variety of colors and retails at £110 for the bikini top and £85 for the briefs, while Garner’s Monaco sells for £85, and comes in just one color, black.

"We invest significantly in product design and development, and the Mazzy is our bestselling swimwear design," said Garry Hogarth, CEO of Agent Provocateur in a statement. "We have bought this action to protect our intellectual property, our designers and our business."

Garner has described the lawsuit as "such a nightmare". She told Metro: "I set up this company and I'm 23 and I've put all my savings into making this a success. [The suit from Agent Provocateur] has been hard."

Garner, however told OK! online that, "There are so many other well known designers selling bikinis that are so similar and they are a multi-million pound giant trying to intimidate a 23-year-old."

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