Adult baby grow? Anyone?

It might raise a few eyebrows if worn down to the local shop, and is probably not going to win any points in the seductive-clothing stakes, but according to the Daily Mail there is a hot new style trend headed our way just in time for winter…adult baby grows.

Ok, so that’s not its official name but how else do you describe a full bodied zip up fleece? Hailing from Norway, the OnePiece (as it’s officially called) has gathered a strong celebrity fan base who, supposedly, love it for its slouchy so-laid-back-you-should-be-in-a-cot comfort.

The OnePiece starts at £90 and goes up to £120 and fans include Peaches Geldof, Davina McCall and Sadie Frost, who is reportedly planning to buy one for all her friends at Christmas. The Daily Mail suggests wearing one to take the dog for a walk. If you take up their suggestion, might we also recommend some enormous face-covering sunglasses?

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