Adidas 2013 Spring/Summer collection by Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is one of the most prolific and coolest designer that our Country has seen in many years. As well as designing for her own fashion label, Stella has been collaborating with Adidas since 2004, and was also appointed Team GB's Creative Director for the 2012 Olympics, becoming the first fashion designer to create the sports apparel for all the competitions in the history of the games.

The line designed for Adidas is a sports performance collection, which gives us a new inside into Stella's vision of fashion for dynamic women in the new millennium. Her style is very conceptual, but there's a meticulous research of details behind any of her creation. She is very attentive to proportions in order to enhance the feminine silhouette. Each garment has a simple design developed in a post-modern key, with rigorous finishes and a carefully selected choice of colours.

Adidas 2013 Spring/Summer collection by Stella McCartney reflects all the latest trends seen on the catwalk, so far. Floral and animal prints, neon and metallic shades, geometric crop tops: a triumph of colours and textures that brings out the girly side of any sports lover. The whole collection has been created with versatility in mind and each article, from leggings to trainers, can be use either on the sport court as well as on the urban ground.

Being Stella an animal right activist and life-long vegetarian, the materials used in the new Adidas line is entirely environmentally friendly, eco-compatible and animal-free, “suitable for sporty vegetarians.” One great example of sustainability is the latest Dubbed DryDye technology, which uses CO2 in place of water during the dye process. The designer has used this innovation to produce her recently launched DryDye T-shirt (FW12 collection), but we expect to see it in her new line, as she said:  “The sustainable message behind it is very important to me and I hope to work with it more in the future”.


Our personal favourites for next season have to be the pink metallic jacket, the purple and animal pattern short sleeved top and the flower print trainers. There is also a wide choice of shorts, with cheetah and leopard print, captivating yellow and orange neon vests, delicate butterfly and bold designs. One of the most unique pieces of the line have to be the fluoro sunset runners, with white leopard lace appliqué and the beehive-pattern cream ankle trainers.

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