Add the finishing touch to your outfit with some trendy jewellery

There is nothing like a classy piece of jewellery to complement that new outfit. However, it can be difficult to keep up with what jewellery is on trend. We've come up with a few in mode items for you to consider matching with your trendy clothes.

    Jurema Oliveira - Wikimedia

When it comes to earrings, you cannot go wrong by keeping it simple. Some popular current designs include bloom pieces as well as serpent ring earrings which provide a nice twist on the trusted hoop design.

You can really add to the wow factor of a classy dress with the right bracelet and right now glamour bracelets are all the rage. Some interesting designs that are popular right now include triangular cuts as well as tough and durable materials like faux suede encrusted with diamonds.

When it comes to necklaces, there are some amazingly chic pieces available which incorporate old coins in the form of a chain. These pieces can add some serious character to your overall look helping to keep all eyes at the party on you. Another more classic look is of course to wear a pendant that dangles delicately over a stylish dress.

Finally, rings are always an essential choice to complete the look In keeping with the necklace you can find some nice rings which also use antique coins as a face rounded off possibly with some coin earrings. Another nice ring in style at the moment is a leaf designdesign in either gold or silver which sees the ring break off in different directions across your finger.

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