Accessories for the hair - it's an immediate and cheap transformation!

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Accessories for the hair can mean either something as simple as a jewelled hair clip or a total transformation that comes with using clip in hair extensions.

People are now more money conscious than ever before so retailers have brought down their prices on many items which means that it's now possible to buy packets of synthetic hair extensions with clips from only £5 if you shop in Primark or you can buy hairbands with flowers, jewels and even birds from only £1.50.

Big bows never go out of fashion and they're available as hair clips or on hair bands. Bows are pretty and feminine and enhance any outfit.

Party hair can mean adding glitter to your upstyle. Glitter for your hair can be bought in shops such as Claire's Accessories and only costs around £3 a tin. This can be sticky and has more visible results in darker toned hair so it's wise to add this to your outfit just as you're running out the door. Diamanté is always an eye catching option and comes more to the forefront around winter time which is when the Christmas party season kicks in.

Nicole Richie has made hair jewellery very fashionable and wearing chains in your hair is a very fashion forward statement. As hair accessories are largely dependant on various trends, many items get sold off very cheaply to make room for new stock so  you can pick up last seasons pearls and flower based products now for 50% off.

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