A guide to accessories for hair

Types of accessories for hair

The variety available is almost mind boggling. These are bando, hairbands, clips, combs, grips, ponies, chopsticks, clasps and so on.

Where to buy

How to search

Go to Accessorize.com and use the site search engine to directly search for what you want. Alternatively, use the navigation to refine your search by price, style and colour.


Prices are categorised as GBP0 to GBP5, GBP5 to GBP10, GBP10 to GBP15, GBP15 to GBP20 and so on, up to GBP35. The majority of items lie in the range of GBP5 to GBP10.

Types of designs

There are over 200 hair accessories for sale here. You can find some in plain colours but most are multicoloured. If you like floral fabric, you will find plenty here. Additionally, many of the accessories here are feathered. Find both simple and compex designs. Hanging designs and accessories with diamante are also available.


Delivery is free for UK orders over GBP40. Next day UK delivery costs GBP5.95. If you would like to visit the retail store, find the nearest one; there are many branches all over UK.

Where to go for inspiration

Go to Whirlastyle.com/fashion-and-hair and register yourself to access the photo galleries. For some outrageous styles, click on 'fashion & hair'; 'manga hair'. To watch a video, click on 'fashion & hair'; 'fashion on the go'.

If you like, check out the membership programme. This programme is suitable for professional stylists, salon owners and distributors, and cosmetology schools.

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