Accessible accessories

Handbags and accessories are a vital part of any fashion-loving woman’s wardrobe but finding space to store them all can be stressful, particularly if your partner demands half the wardrobe space too (how selfish).

Fear not, there are solutions to your dilemma. We found some great ideas on HomeLivingNews, which offers some sage advice on how to solve the age old problem of fabulous possessions vs lack of space.

Ideas include organisers that hang on a wall or cupboard door and have pockets or fabric loops for holding handbags or other accessories. A great way to save floor space and avoid piles of boxes. Alternatively if you do have a corner of a room that needs filling, invest in a bookcase and some clear plastic boxes, which can be clearly labelled. It’s a cost-effective way to save some space and looks great too. For a full list of ideas visit the HomeLiving website.


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