About the Eider ski jacket

Skiing requires buying some basic essentials, such as ski pants, ski jackets, ski gloves and ski socks. A quality ski jacket, such as an Eider ski jacket is a great choice for hitting the slopes in comfort and style.

About Eider ski jackets

Eider ski jackets are part of the Eider clothing company, which has been providing top quality mountain sports wear since 1962. Every Eider jacket is functional, versatile, fashionable and comfortable, offering skiers and outdoor enthusiasts excellent protection from the elements. The Yangra women's Eider jacket is new for 2011, with thermally bonded quitted chambers, sleeve pockets, invisible zips, side pockets and an adjustable hood. To learn more about the Eider 2011 collection, it is worth heading to the company website at Eider.com.

Where to Buy Eider Ski Jackets

In order to find a store selling Eider jackets, simply head to their website and use the store locator search box. If you prefer to shop for your next ski trip on the internet, there are plenty of places where you can get Eider jackets, trousers and accessories for less online. Here are some practical examples of where to find an Eider ski jacket at an affordable price: Mac Ski.com, Skiing Twenga UK, Ski Plus Online and Two Seasons UK. Discount ski jackets from Eider, as well as many different brands may be found on both Amazon and eBay. A top quality Eider skiing jacket on Amazon, will cost around £100, but you can find plenty of nearly new jackets or second hand ski clothing on eBay.

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