About silver to sell in Purley

Smith Bruce

This is a family run jewellers located on the Brighton Road at 108. It is a family run business so you should be sure to get a warm welcome and a reasonable price.

Woods Jewellers

This is another option for your silver to sell in Purley. The Woods store is another family run business which has been in the Coulsdon area of Surrey for many years.


This place in South Croydon, Surrey, comes with fantastic reviews! A little independent store, Aurum offers good exchanges for your silver.

Want More Options For Your Silver To Sell In Purley?

Try Swag. This is a more modern establishment and offers to cater to a fashionable crowd. But exchanges for silver may still be available.

Use Online Resources

Use Google and other online resources to research the best deals for your silver. Selling silver should be timed so that you sell at a point when it is of high value. Follow the markets and trading for more info.

It is best to get a valuation from at least 3 different people before selling your silver. Don't just sell quickly. This silver might have been in your family for a long time. You owe it to your relatives to at lest get a good price.

In all truth, selling your silver in Purley is probably not the best idea unless you find it difficult to travel. Try travelling up to London and go to some of the top experts in the country.

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