About Mukluk boots

Canadian aboriginals have been wearing Mukluk boots whilst hunting for hundreds of years. Today, Mukluk boots are loved by fashion conscious followers all over the world.

All About Mukluk Boots

The modern Mukluk boot retains a degree of Canadian aboriginal influence whilst adding a touch of 1970s bohemia. Mukluk boots can be worn with jeans as well as special occasion wear, complimenting many different types of outfits. Stylish and on trend, Mukluk boots are now a style icon and a favourite of supermodel Kate Moss. The original Mukluk boot is designed with luxurious faux fir trims for maximum comfort.

Where to Buy Mukluk Boots

The simplest way to find a pair of Mukluk boots is to go straight to the Muks website, located at Mukluk Store.com. Here you can shop for limited edition Mukluks and save as much as 50% off the original retail prices. For example, navy Mukluk boots are reduced from £225 to just £146.25. In addition, if you head to the 'our retailers' section of the website, you will find a store locator box. Simply scroll down to select the country where you live and you will be directed to Mukluk retailers in your area. Another option is to search for a new pair or second hand pair of Mukluks at other online locations.

Further examples of where to buy quality Mukluk boots without the usual hefty price tag, include as follows: Amazon (Mukluks from £52.50 and large discounts on many styles of Mukluks), eBay, Cloggs UK, Brand Cheap.com and Trade Key.com.

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