A Show For Our Soles

Shoe obsessives will be salivating over a brand new dance show at Sadler’s Wells this September. The London dance theatre’s forthcoming production, Shoes, is a dance show all about footwear, and features over 250 pairs of shoes from some of the world’s leading shoe labels including Salvatore Ferragamo, Terry de Havilland and…well…Crocs.

Terry de Havilland told Vogue online ‘we were approached by Suzanne Walker, the producer of Shoes, who came down to the studio with Richard Thomas, the composer, and Laura Hopkins, the costume designer. It was meant to be just an informal chat about shoes in general but as the meeting progressed a buzz began to happen’.

De Havilland, who is well known for his platform designs in the 70s, says that his key inspiration came from his past: ‘I love making shoes for performers. I cut my teeth on Tim Curry for the Rocky Horror Show. I've been addicted ever since.’

The show is very well timed, coming just before the opening of Selfridges' insanely exciting shoe galleries - well-heeled Londoners must be in their element. Shoes opens on 3 September and you can get tickets here.

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