A real Moss loss

Topshop has revealed a sneek peek at the latest, and final, collection by Kate Moss, before the garments go on sale next month. Miss Moss is looking gorgeous as ever in the new promotional shots for the collection, which can be seen on the Daily Mail’s site.

It was announced during the summer that Kate would step down as a designer for Topshop, with some suggesting that the store’s owner Philip Green was planning to bring his daughter into a design position for the brand. Green said that Kate would continue to produce designs on a more casual basis, to fit in with her busy schedule.

Kate’s autumn/winter range, her 14th for Topshop, is once again inspired by her own style. Drawing on seventies-boho influences, the collection includes a black fringed-sleeve mini dress, shaggy knit cardigan and a glam-rock-esque black feathered cape.

We’ll be sad to see the end of Kate’s design career with Topshop, but are heartened to learn that the store will also be launching an additional range called Kate Iconic – a ‘best of’ from her past 14 collections. Now’s the chance to snap up some of those Kate classics that we missed first time around.

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