A plus size wedding outfit - the where, the how and the why!

The plus size wedding outfit that you choose will depend largely on the season that the wedding is being held in. Of course if the wedding is themed, your choice of outfit may be limited by a particular colour scheme but otherwise you have some interesting decisions to make!

Perhaps you may have browsed through magazines and seen an outfit that you like. Magazines generally list the clothing stockists towards the end of the publication but you could also search online. Online shopping gives you the freedom to shop in your own time and to have your purchases shipped directly to your door.

The downside to this is that sometimes the clothes can turn out to be totally different from their pictures so it would be advisable to order well in advance. At least that way, if you're not satisfied with your choice you can return it and select something else.

The high street shops usually offer a specific range for plus sizes and that range is fashionable while being good value for money. New Look have a line called Inspire that caters entirely for plus size women and has everything from casual day wear to evening outfits. Evans is a chain of shops dedicated solely to dressing the fuller figured woman. They stock the latest fashions along with a complementary range of footwear and lingerie. Check out their website to get an idea of what they can offer you.

Above all, enjoy it, shopping is fun and it's never been easier to get what you want at a price you can afford!

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