A Jolie good idea

She's an actress, mother, wife and philanthropist, and now rumours abound that she is set to add another string to her bow by becoming the face of a major fashion house. Vogue reports that Angelina Jolie may have signed a $10million deal to become the new face of Louis Vuitton's autumn/winter 2011 collection.

LV are remaining tight-lipped, refusing to either confirm or deny the rumours and there is no word from Ang herself but we think it would be a perfect match. Louis Vuitton's creative director Marc Jacobs knows only too well that sex sells, and who better to embody that mantra than every man's wild fantasy Angelina Jolie?

The autumn/winter collection, which was shown in Paris in February, is inspired by the comings and goings of Claridge's hotel and featured Kate and Naomi together on the catwalk for the first time in years. The overtly sexualised show was rapturously received, with Vogue observing that: 'Jacobs has us right where he wants us and he'll - apparently - give us anything we want.'

Altogether everyone - What do we want? JOLIE! When we do want her? AUTUMN WINTER 2011!

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