A Grace-Full Life

She was without doubt the breakout star of hit Vogue documentary The September Issue, and it looks like her star will continue to soar as Grace Goddington has announced she is working on her autobiography.

The memoirs will give details of her life at the top of fashion’s ivory tower, US Vogue, as well as insights into her varied career. The welsh-born writer was formerly a model, before a car accident which required her to have plastic surgery cut her career short. She moved behind the camera to work as a stylist at British Vogue before moving to New York to work with Anna Wintour on the US edition of the style bible, in 1988.

Coddington will work with Men’s Vogue editor-in-chief Jay Fielden on the book, which as yet does not have a publishing date. She told WWD 'We're just starting, and I think it's going to be a really fun project. I'm hoping it's going to be very rich in fashion history’. It’s pretty much guaranteed to be un-put-down-able, Grace could probably fill the British Library with her stories – we are officially very excited.

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