A Glass Act

Exciting plans are afoot for Sadie Frost and Jemima French’s label FrostFrench, which is set to launch a new glassware collection and possibly an autumn/winter show in February next year.

'We are thinking of doing a new show next February', designer duo Sadie Frost and Jemima French told Vogue. ‘We have a few ideas that we can't discuss quite yet but it'll be interactive and will show our clothes in a fresh and original way. We've done real statement shows before, like the one we held at Regent's Park, and our next would have to be very different. We want to move slowly in a way we can manage.’

The duo recently took a sabbatical from the fashion week wheel but the break hasn’t slowed the company down one bit. The label has been snapped up by Harvey Nichols and they now boast three FrostFrench stores in London. Their new range of glassware will be available from www.frostfrench.com, costing £50 for a set of seven.

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