A ca$$$hmere winter

Winter is most certainly on its way. We have finally admitted defeat and thrown our flip flops to the back of the wardrobe for another year, and reluctantly started the search for that elusive perfect winter coat. But what about leg-wear? How will we stay super chic in the winter months? The answer is, apparently, with a bank-balance-breaking pair of cashmere tights.

According to the Daily Mail, Selfridges has seen a 165 per cent rise in sales of cashmere socks, slippers, tights and robes since in recent weeks. The iconic department store's Lingerie Buying Manager told the newspaper: ‘We have stock piled thicker tights in anticipation of an extreme winter and in response to the sales surge of thick black tights and cashmere products. The staggering increase in cashmere sales is definitely a sign that British consumers are looking for a more luxurious way to spend their winter months indoors.’

La Perla have even launched a brand new pair of luxury tights especially for the winter months, which are selling for a whopping £120. You definitely wouldn't want to get a ladder in those.

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