A bottle of bustiness please

In news that is going to excite men rather more than women, a new 'wonder cream' (is there any other type of cream in PR land?) is about to hit the shelves which promises to give 'boob job' results. The cream promises to give an increase of half a cup size, at an eye-watering £125 a bottle.

A PR type for the company gushed, 'We are extremely proud of the Boob Job. It will revolutionise thousands of women’s lives. We wanted to offer every woman a fast and safe alternative to expensive and painful breast enlargement surgery. A small, disproportional bust can deeply affect a woman’s confidence, especially now when larger breasts are the height of fashion, but with the Boob Job at home treatment you can discreetly but dramatically increase your bust size by two and half centimetres.

Whatever happened to the humble chicken fillet?

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