A big Tom Fraud

Tom Ford is a man of many talents - designer, film-maker, model and now, it appears, a trader of used cars.

A brave (or perhaps very, very foolish) car salesman in Canada has used an image of Tom to promote his business. The poster shows Tom reclining in a chair with his shirt buttons open, gazing seductively into the camera. Above Tom's head is the caption 'You know you’re not the first. But do you really care?'. Which we assume is meant to apply that the happily long-time partnered Tom is something of a Lothario. Erm, anyone know a good lawyer?

We're not entirely sure what would have led the car dealer, Mr Dale Wurfel, to think this is a particularly brilliant idea. Especially when Tom Ford is well known for being fiercely protective of his image and the Tom Ford brand. Perhaps Dale didn't realise who he was dealing with? Maybe he just saw 'Ford' and thought 'Car'? Or maybe he just decided that the benefits from the blitz of publicity would outweigh the inevitable court fines. Who knows, but we're intrigued to see what happens next...

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