A guide to choosing a winter wedding outfit

If you are planning your matrimony during the cold season, your first thought is to find a suitable winter wedding outfit. Whether your wedding will be held in a church, the town hall or even at a ski resort, choosing the right dress is as important as planning the event itself. After all, this is a significant occasion and one that you and your future spouse will remember for a long time.

Things to consider

1. Fabric

In choosing a winter wedding outfit, go for fabrics that provide warmth such as satin, tulle, polyester, and velvet. Wool blends and knits are also good choices. Silk (organza, tafetta, crepe) are not the warmest but you can put accents on the dress such as faux fur trims. Wear silk undergarments for an extra layer of warmth.

2. Style

Is the reception being held indoors or outdoors? Unless your are in an area that experiences mild, sunny and dry winters, not everyone will opt for an outdoor ceremony at this time of the year.

Sleeveless and strapless dresses are not really ideal for a winter wedding. Pick out a wedding gown with long sleeves, full skirts, heavy lace, faux fur trims for warmth.

3. Colour

White is the traditional colour of weddings but if you are thinking of a ski resort, Christmas or Valentine's day wedding, go for bright colours that make a fantastic contrast against the backdrop of a snow-capped mountain or a holiday theme.

4. Accessories

Shawl, wrap, stole, and cape

Accessories complete your winter wedding outfit. Consider wearing a cape made from wool or cashmere. It will not only keep you warm but also protect you from extreme drops in temperature. Use a shawl, faux fur shrug or a stole for a dramatic yet practical purpose.

5. Headpiece

Throw the traditional headpiece and veil away and think about wearing a hood to protect your head from the cold. You can also choose accents such as beads and jewellery for a stunning effect.

6. Shoes

Select warm and comfortable shoes. A pair of slinky boots will protect your legs from freezing and look glamorous.

7. Gloves

Hand gloves made from soft wool will keep your extremities warm especially when the time comes to exchange rings. They look elegant and give glamour to your overall ensemble.

8. Bouquets

Pick winter flowers available during the season such as red roses, hydrangeas, and amaryllis for your bouquets.

The best approach

The winter season should not prevent you from choosing a dream winter wedding outfit for a very important occasion. Prepare early by browsing for styles and materials in magazines or bridal shops. Improvise and adapt to the season and you will be a radiant and happy bride on the big day.

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