A look at Vivienne Westwood accessories

Vivienne Westwood, the three-time award-winning British fashion designer continues her long career in fashion with a difference. She urges consumers out there ..."to buy less and choose well. I would like quality rather than quantity", she said in an interview with Marie Claire UK. This shows the designer's commitment to making quality products and if you echo the same feeling, take a look at Vivienne Westwood accessories. Dame Westwood offers a variety of accessories from belts, gloves and hats to handkerchiefs, scarves, and ties.

The accessories


Crafted from genuine leather, belts have silver or gold orb accents and metal buckles. They are available in black or brown for the men. You can also choose a belt with eyelets for easy adjustment. Don't miss out on a tartan belt made from leather, a classic stamp of Vivienne Westwood accessories. Adorned with a gold buckle, this classic design has eyelets making it easy to wear at any size. If leather is not to your liking, opt for a fabric belt that features an adjustable fastening and a silver orb.

Hand gloves

Vivienne Westwood also offers hand gloves made from leather or soft wool. For casual wear, go for the wool gloves that will keep your hands warm. You can't miss these pairs as the iconic orbs are present. Formal occasions and office wear call for leather gloves made from feathery leather. Choose between the plain ones that are finely stitched and fully lined to a pair that has the famous Westwood orb embossed as hearts.


A perfect way to warm yourself is to put on a Westwood orb beanie and if worried of rain messing up your hair, get rain hats. A patchwork beret in bright or muted shades will also do the trick.


Vivienne Westwood is also known as a political activist and you find her sentiments on climate change embossed on handkerchiefs and water bottles.


Woollen scarves in mono or stripe designs are ideal winter accessories with the traditional orb logo on the them.


For the man who is not afraid of making a fashion statement, a Westwood tie is the answer. Go for a polka dot red tie featuring orbs that create an optical illusion or a silk tie with stars.


Unisex watches with leather straps and the orb logo are eternal and so classic of a Vivienne Westwood design.


Finally, if you are in looking for something different for your notes and memoirs, buy a Westwood stationery. Available in elegant colours, these notebooks have orbs on each blank page. You can even get a classic tartan notebook cover for your collection.

The trend

With the prolific design career of Dame Westwood, Vivienne Westwood accessories continue to make an impact in the fashion industry. Don't forget to look into the eye-catching and unique clothes collection for men and women as well as eccentric jewellery, luxurious shoes and handbags and an exclusive line of perfumes and beauty care products.

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