Ugg handbags to match your beloved Ugg footwear

From a surfer's bay in Australia and California to New York and the rest of the world, Ugg Australia charmed its way into the fashion industry with resounding success. It started as a brand for comfortable and relaxed sheepskin shoes and boots. For many, owning a pair of Ugg boots is a must. With its success, the renowned company is now carrying Ugg handbags to pair up with that fabulous footwear.

The Ugg range of handbags


Ugg handbags are made from a diverse range of materials from shearling, suede, and canvas to knit, leather, and nylon.


Choose from mono black, brown, metallic, white, and grey that are easy to match with any outfit.


  • Clutch

These are shimmering pieces of evening purses in classic black or grey ideal for evening functions. Check the shearling clutch that looks hot with a pair of Ugg boots. For an ethnic makeover, the embroidered, Navajo inspired clutch is a perfect accessory.

  • Satchel bags

Available in different sizes and colours, these bags are ideal for women with large space requirements. They are roomy and best for shopping, a weekend retreat or an overnight break.

  • Duffel bags

This time again, women can borrow their men's duffel bags for a quick trip to the gym or the sauna. These large carryalls have room for everything.

  • Hobo

Hobo bags are timeless pieces and Ugg made them that way from the luxurious leather material and fine overlock stitch to gusset pockets and zippers. A great addition to every woman's accessory collection.

  • Doctor bag

A hot trend for the season, the doctor's handbag makes a wonderful accessory for any type of occasion and outing.

  • Crossbody

Chic and stylish, this piece is crafted from the finest leather and looks great for casual or formal wear. It bears the classic stitching patented by the company.

  • Tote

Sold as knit bags, it is the ultimate match to your favourite cardigan or sweater with its soft wool fabric. Leather trims complete the look and give the handbag a solid shape whilst being flexible to put lots of essential items you need to bring with you.

  • Messenger

Made from leather and canvas, this shoulder bag is ideal for the man or woman on the go. it has plenty of room and pockets to carry everything and an adjustable shoulder strap for a snug fit while on a commute, on a bicycle or by foot.

  • Mini bags

They are the ideal solutions for limiting what you bring with you. Ugg's mini bags are compact yet stylish enough for an evening outing with friends or a quick trip to the city. They are available in leather and suede with a strap that converts from an under the shoulder bag or as a clutch for formal functions.

Where to buy

Ugg handbags are available at the official stores of the company and approved retailers. Note that there are imitations sold at auction sites and other retail markets. Make sure that you get authentic Ugg handbags at trusted retailers and shops. For further information, consult the official website of Ugg Australia in your country to find the nearest store.

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