The success of Paul Smith clothing

The successful Paul Smith clothing began its journey into the fashion world in 1970 with the opening of a shop in Nottingham. Six years later, the English designer first showed his menswear collection at a fashion show in Paris. Since then, there was no turning back and the designer opened retail shops in the UK, Japan, India, Belgium, and Dubai. The secret? a mixture of classic and eccentric designs and a well-managed business. Paul Smith is a respectable designer and a retailer.

The collection

At the moment, there are 12 collections of the Paul Smith line:

Paul Smith

The original Paul Smith clothing at its best, the line showcases traditional and quirky designs, fine tailoring and a crisp finish found in jackets, coats, shirts and knit wear.

Paul Smith Women's

The women's line was first shown to the public in 1998 at a London Fashion Week highlighting relaxed styles from bulky coats and oversized jackets to comfortable knit wear and shirts. Faux fur trims and accents soften the otherwise masculine look.

PS by Paul Smith

Featuring an enchanting assortment of classic fit shirts, this collection shows an array of shirts made from natural fabrics in different colours and designs. Knit wear, cardigans, formal jackets and coats, and even PS striped socks are part of the collection

Paul Smith Jeans

Skinny jeans, cropped jeans and 'boyfriend' jeans are examples of Paul Smith clothing under this collection.The famous Paul Smith signature is on the buttons and studs.

Paul Smith London

Formal classic shirts and 'slim fit' or mid fit suits are found under this label that ooze of elegance and comfort including cashmere jumpers, trousers, and waistcoats.

Paul Smith Shoes

Dress shoes, cove boots, loafers, and trainers from soft and fine leather make up the collection of shoes for men and women. Pumps and court shoes are specifically designed for women.

Paul Smith Watches, Paul Smith Furniture and 'things', Paul Smith Pens, Paul Smith Fragrance, and Paul Smith Accessories

A whole range of classic and elegant accessories is available under these brands. Stylish timepieces, trendy pens, distinct perfumes and unique decor are few examples of accessories bearing Paul Smith's signature.

R. Newbold in Japan

Catering to the young Japanese, R. Newbold by Paul Smith features casual menswear.

An award-winning designer

Given the success of Paul Smith, he joins other outstanding designers when he receives the 'Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design' award this year. This award is given to British designers who have made exceptional contributions to the fashion industry over many years. Expect a consistent quality of Paul Smith clothing incorporating trendy and classic designs.

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