A guide to purchasing overnight bags

You don't have to sacrifice your fashion flair for an ugly holdall that you don't want to be seen with. There are plenty of styles, designs and colours to choose from when buying overnight bags.

Here are practical pointers to help you get started.


Look for bag that is large enough to hold what you would need for a night, including a full set of fresh clothes.


Bags are made from all sorts of materials such as leather, nylon, polyester, cotton and vinyl. They could be lined or unlined. Remember all bags need care, with leather needing specific maintenance.

Avert disaster and protect your possessions by getting an overnight bag that is lined and made from water proof or water repellent materials.


The prices of overnight luggage depend on the material, with leather bags typically costing more than one made from fabric or nylon.


Check that bags have sturdy zippers. Look for straps that are wide, comfortable, and padded. Aim for optimum comfort and pick a bag that has both carrying handles and straps.

Compartments, pockets, and dividers will allow you to arrange your stuff easily.


Avoid the hassle of airline travel by purchasing an overnight luggage that comply with the sizes accepted for onboard stowage. Ask the person assisting you in the store if the bag you are eyeing is airline compliant.

Bag ideas

Invest in a Colombia Leather Overnight bag by Essence of Colombia costing £109.95. It is an elegant and attractive piece with plenty of external pockets and a roomy interior. Arrange your stuff neatly in its zipped compartments and pockets.

For a cheaper option, have a look at the simple yet functional Carry on Travel Bag by Skyflite that sells for £25.95. Made of sturdy polyester, it has dual lining, straps and handles.

Be kind to your back by purchasing a Black Roller Bag that has wheels, straps and handles for mobility. It costs £55.95.

If black is too drab for you, check the trendy British Birds Wheeled Holdall by Cath Kidston costing £110. With delightful bird figures set against a dark background, it is a practical luggage that you can use everywhere - while shopping, at the beach or a day out with the baby. It looks stylish and eye-catching with a matching overnight bag that costs £68.

Enticing enough? Check out Essentials 4 Travel (essentials4travel.com) and Shop Style UK (shopstyle.uk) for a delightful collection of overnight bags as an accessory for everyday use or for those short trips.

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