How to shop for men's watches

Men's watches are important and indispensable accessories. They complete a look and at the same time, give the convenience of time telling. Buying men's watches is a little tricky with plenty of choices out there. It is a matter of narrowing your preference based on your needs, fashion style, and budget.

Tips in purchasing

1. Purpose

There are different sorts of watches to suit every occasion: sports watch, dress watch, gadget watch or an everyday watch.

2. Digital versus analogue

It is easier to read the time on digital watches than on analogue watches. They also have extra features in them such as a calendar, a stopwatch, and timer. However, they look informal on a guy in a suit and are more suitable for casual wear.

3. Leather versus stainless steel strap

Watch straps made from stainless steel are sturdier but heavier as well. They look more formal and are suitable for formal occasions or to complete a professional look. However, there are also persons who dislike stainless steel watches because of these attributes. A leather strap will do the trick. It feels soft and smooth against the skin. An advantage of leather straps is that there are models that allow you change straps. For the man who is fashion conscious and who changes accessories with the colour of his garments, briefcases or suits, this is a suitable option.

4. Dial

The dial or the face of the watch should be proportionate to the size of the wearer's wrist. It should not cover the entire wrist nor should it be too small that you can hardly tell the time.

5. Added features

Waterproof and shock resistance are two features commonly offered among men's watches. The degree of water resistance differs so be sure to check with the shop. Waterproof watches are, however, convenient for the occasional dunking while shock proof watches can endure accidental banging.

6. Price

Cross checking prices of watches gives a pretty good idea of what is the best buy for your money. Are you in for luxury brands or just want a functional watch? You might even just need a sports watch that can take the daily beatings of everyday wear.

After sales

If you are investing in a branded yet pricier men's watches, think of after sales service. Sometimes, even simple things such as strap or battery change are difficult to do. Make sure that there is a service or repair shop that can take care of your watch when there are issues.

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