What to look for in the Marni for H&M line

Founded by Italian designer, Consuelo Castiglioni in the 1990s, in recent years Marni has been known as the ready-to-wear label to buy if you like big, bold prints that don't match. Needless to say, millions of women do, and Marni is now one of the most popular designer labels around.

Marni, however, will be even bigger in the UK now they've collaborated with H&M on the 'Marni for H&M" line, and millions of British women are ecstatic about that.

What to look for in the Marni for H&M line

Dresses - Marni is famous for their slender, chic dresses with simple lines that are jazzed up with bold prints. Look for lots of Marni polka dots, circles and zig-zag patterns on long silk sleeveless dresses. Perfect for a dinner party, or even a walk on the beach at sunset.

Or, for during the day, bold, clashing floral designs on high-collared shirt dresses. Match with a sedate briefcase and some clunky Marni bangles, and you've just brightened up a day at your boring office.

Cropped trousers - Cropped trousers have been the signature style of many European designers since the 1950s and Marni will be no exception. The Marni for H&M line will include a series of cropped trousers in various colours, wonderful to wear with a flowing Africa-inspired silk Marni shirt or elegant jacket.

Pleated skirts - Knee-length and shorter pleated skirts have been in the Marni collection for a couple of years and, yes, they're out in style in the Marni for H&M line. Look for a-line style skirts, with pleated detailing and lots of polka dots.

Marni's pleated skirts are wearable with either a block-coloured t shirt or shirt, or something wild, fabulous and, in true Marni style, in a pattern that definitely doesn't match.

Jacquard knits - For years, jacquard knits were thought of as a sign you'd hit 50 and were past it. Not anymore. Jacquard knits are elegant, chic, comfortable and, actually quite sexy, and, yes, the Marni for H&M collection has them in oodles of colours and lots of patterns.

The Marni for H&M video by Sofia Coppola

If you really want to know how Marni for H&M will make you look and feel, all you have to do is watch the video movie director Sofia Coppola made especially for the line.

If you weren't in love with Marni for H&M before, once you've seen the video, which received rave reviews from fashion critics all over the world, you will be.

You'll find it at http://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/style/articles/2012-02/06/marni-h-and-m-tv-advert-sofia-coppola.

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