Fernanda Yamamoto and urban sophistication

Brazilian born designer Fernanda Yamamoto consistently utilises the influences of both her adopted land and her Japanese cultural ancestry to produce often striking fashion items. The Yamamoto store is based in São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, and is a beacon of modernist design itself, with huge glass windows topped in concrete.

Fernanda Yamamoto: brand and philosophy

Customers entering the Fernanda Yamamoto store’s space are immediately struck by the meld of grand design and the deliberately contemporary layout. The rails bearing the clothes seem to disappear into the distance like scaffolding, sometimes towering away up to the ceiling. This mirrors the skyscrapers outside, giving you a sense you may be in the seventh most populous city in the whole planet, but you are in a haven of sleek sophistication.

Yamamoto is clearly inspired with the overall colours of the city – muted grey, splashes of neutral yellows. But the overall muted palette that underpins much of her clothing is deceptive. Like the architecture sprawling for miles around, there is vibrancy and life everywhere. Studying any of her work close up will reveal hidden depths. Yamamoto loves to experiment with a variety of different textures to really bring her designs to life.

While Yamamoto might be completely surrounded by Latin American urban sprawl, a busy conurbation of dizzying proportions, she is also draws on the subtler influences of Japan. A lot of her designs utilise soft fabrics, such as silk or cotton. You can clearly pick up on hints of bamboo textures or origami references in her work.

Contemporary styles

Fernanda Yamamoto was born in 1979 and is enthusiastic about clothing that would appeal to her own generation and younger. She specialises in capsule clothing, as well as accessories, often championing collections by fledgling Brazilian brands. Much of her stock comes straight from the runway of indie fashion shows, keeping a cutting-edge to her output.

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