Fashion tips for larger women

You can look fabulous no matter what your size! Here we offer some of the top fashion tips for larger women, as suggested by experts and plus size model stylists...

  • You may be familiar with the old adage that black is slimming - and it's true. Block colours in general are slimming, and dark colours in particular. As well as black, try burgundy, navy and deep purples.
  • Vertical stripes don't necessarily make you look wider - and can be flattering if worn in the right way. Avoid wearing vertical stripes across the stomach, bum or thighs - but you may want to experiment with them across the arms, waist or bust.
  • Emphasise your assets. If you have an hourglass figure, aim to wear outfits that emphasise your waists. Belts can be added to cinch in your outfit at the waist.
  • Curvy calves are also worth emphasising. Shin length skirts or dresses are ideal for doing this.
  • If you have big boobs, make sure that you are wearing the right size of underwear. This is absolutely crucial in ensuring that you are adequately supported, and it can make a real difference to your figure and your profile. Most good underwear shops will offer a free bra fitting service.

And a couple of don'ts...

  • Don't swamp your figure in baggy clothes - it will make you look bigger than you are.
  • Don't estimate your clothing size - poor fitting clothes are one of the least flattering things you can wear. Take your own measurements or get sized up professionally. And remember, brands and makes can vary their sizes, so look for measurements rather than sizes.
  • Don't settle for boring clothes - online shopping has revolutionised the plus size market. A quick internet search will cast up hundreds of websites offering flattering and fun clothing for plus size women.

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