Christmas party dresses to flatter your figure

The festive season is almost upon us - and that means lots of opportunities to get dressed up in your fineries! However, shopping for new Christmas party dresses can be difficult - especially when you're not sure which styles will flatter your body shape. Our quick guide should help you to identify the right dress for you.

If you're curvy...

If you're curvy, look for Christmas party dresses with structure. Define your waist and bust with a boned top. You should also emphasise your shoulders and shins. If you're self conscious about your bum or tummy, create a diversion by wearing a one shoulder style or added an eye-catching broach.

If you're full-figured

If you have a fuller figure, aim to draw the eye up towards the face by showing some skin around the neck and shoulders. Avoid Christmas party dresses with ruffles and frills, which will add bulk to your silhouette. We all know that black is slimming, but full figured ladies also look great in other dark hues - like deep plum or navy.

If you're boy-ish

Cinch in your waist with a wide belt to give the illusion of more curves. A flared skirt will help to define your hips. Also look for dresses with texture - like ruffles and frills.

If you've got big boobs...

If you are busty but want to keep your look discreet, opt for a Christmas party dress in a block colour. This will make you look longer and slimmer. Avoid strapless or backless numbers - wide straps are more flattering and supportive.

If you're petite...

Long hems can weigh you down, so look for Christmas party dresses with short skirts. Don't over compensate with towering heels - they can make you look disproportionate. Mid-height heels are the best option.

If you're tall...

Horizontal details will look great on you - square necklines, ankle straps and crosswires are all very flattering. Avoid short hems - they can make it look like your dress shrunk in the wash. A sleek, tight fitting look that finishes below the knee is perfect.

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