How to wear animal print

Animal print is a trend that keeps coming back for more - and right now it's bigger than ever. So if you've got a leopard print coat or some zebra print leggings hidden in the back of your wardrobe, it's time to dig them out and start wearing them with pride!

Pick a focal point

When it comes to wearing animal print, it's a good rule of thumb to have one focal point and keep the rest of your outfit low key. For example, choose a statement cheetah print bag to pair with a LBD, or wear a zebra print mini skirt with a plain white top.

Start with accessories

If animal print isn't your usual style and you're worried about looking tacky, introduce print through some simple accessories - like a clutch bag, belt or cuff.

Mix sexy with smart

Animal print can be incredibly sexy, but it can look a little trashy unless an outfit is put together carefully. Mixing prints with smart pieces is a great look. Team that figure hugging animal print dress with a smart black blazer, or that animal print corset top with a tailored white suit.

Go casual

The animal print look doesn't have to be high maintenance - a simple animal print tank top is a great way to add a little oomph to a casual outfit. Or sling on an animal print scarf on with a plain white T and jeans - very Hollywood!

Subtle prints

Animal prints needn't be about attention-grabbing fur coats or slinky dresses - a snakeskin clutch or sandals can look sophisticated dressed up or down.

Top animal print picks

Pieces that we currently love include:

  • The Shelby leopard sequin blazer, £30, available from Boohoo.com
  • The Clara faux fur gillet, £25, available from Boohoo.com
  • The brown leopard print strap court shoes, £65, from River Island
  • Animal print slinky pencil skirt, £38, from Topshop
  • Lenny leopard beret, £18, from Accessorize

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