We check out the Nikon 8x24x25 Travelite V Zoom binoculars

If you're looking for an excellent set of beginner's binoculars then you need look no further than the fantastic Nikon 8x24x25 Travelite V Zoom Binoculars. Available from all leading binoculars retailers, these fantastic binoculars represent real value for money for anyone who fancies getting into bird watching or amateur astronomy.

The bundle comes complete with a deluxe case, instructions and a handy strap to keep them in place around your neck. Following on from the previous instalment of the Travelite series, the V Zoom model has a range of brand new features to not only improve the level of user friendliness, but also to enhance the optical performance to never before seen levels in an entry level set of binoculars.

The build quality is second to none, with a durable black rubber coating on the cover that offers increased shock resistance should you drop them or bang them on a hard surface. This armour also offers an excellent grip in wet conditions, so you'll be able to make the most of them rain or shine, and despite the ruggedness of the all metal chassis, the binoculars are lightweight enough to make them a truly portable solution.

The binoculars feature an excellent 25mm pair of objective lenses which offer users maximum potential for light gathering to improve the quality of the image, as well as a close focus distance of less than fourteen feet for every model in the range.

Finally, you'll be blown away by the aspherical lenses and the excellent flat viewing field and edge to edge sharpness that they offer when compared to almost all other binoculars in this price range. In short, you really can't do any better than the Nikon 8x24x25 Travelite V Zoom binoculars as an all round solution for beginners.

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