Types of 60s Fancy Dress for Plus Size Women

Women of all shape and sizes love wearing 1960s style dresses. These dresses are considered to be sophisticated and classic, which makes them very popular in the modern age. These garments are well-tailored and styled with a variety of details. Many 60s fancy dress for plus size women come in a lot of different styles and shapes. Some 60s dresses are simple and chic, while others are made of psychedelic and vibrant colours. There are a lot of shops that offer 60s fancy dress for plus size women. These include vintage garment shops, vintage retailers, and online auction sites.

Plus Size Saloon Fancy Dress

The deluxe plus size Saloon Madame Fancy Dress can be used as a Western themed outfit or costume for plus size women. The saloon fancy dress consists of a bright red dress with black feathers along its edges. It also has matching gloves and handbag to complete the entire outfit or costume. This dress also comes in black. It is suitable for plus size women with sizes 16 to 18.

Adult Groovy Mama Costume

This outfit brings back the hippie days of the 1960s. It consists of a long, flowery skirt and a matching headband with colourful floral trim. This Groovy Mama costume is ideal for plus size women. Its full skirt hides the fullness of the hips and thighs, and accentuates other parts of the body. You can simply add round sunglasses and hippie shoes to complete the entire ensemble. This outfit can be used for adult costume parties and Halloween parties to create a Woodstock or hippie look.

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