4000 shoes...and counting!

Imelda Marcos made quite a name for herself as the owner of 2700 pairs of shoes (oh yeah as well as for her politics, obvo) but it seems she will have to pass over her title of World's Greatest Shoe Fanatic to Japanese Vogue editor Anna Dello Russo.

According to the Daily Mail the self confessed 'passionate fashionista' owns over 4000 pairs of shoes, which even have their own entire apartment. Dello Russo apparently owns two adjacent flats - one that she lives in and another that stores all her clothes and shoes!

ADR (as she's known to her friends) has developed an almost cultish fanbase with her ruthlessly on-trend style and fashion-fanatic quips such as '‘I would be happy naked as long as I'm wearing fabulous shoes.' She told Glamour magazine in an interview that 'clothes are her religion'. In that case her wardrobe must be her church - amen to that.

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