We check out the best places to buy 38G bikinis

Finding bigger sized bras and swimwear on the high street can be a real pain in the rear. While many stores do cater for the larger chested woman, the unfortunate truth is that the selection of styles on offer tents to fell more than a little disappointing. It seems that many retailers are content just to be able to say that they offer larger sizes, rather than actually going to the effort of finding stock that women will actually want to be seen in!

If this sounds like your typical high street shopping experience, especially when trying to buy 38G bikinis, then you'll be absolutely delighted to learn that we've got a solution to your problem!

The answer? Buy online! Those two short words could not only save you huge amounts of money, but they'll also take the stress and hassle out of the shopping experience. Let's be honest, we all love a few hours out in the shops, but it's disheartening to be told again and again that stores don't stock your size, or that a bikini you really love is only made in sizes as large as a D cup for example.

This way you'll have full control of what you can buy, and you'll be able to compare hundreds of items at a time thanks to the helpful search engines available.

Our focus today is on Bigger Bras, located at www.biggerbras.com. This brilliant website has absolutely everything you need, from bras to shapewear to swimwear and more, and because it's located in the United States, your pound will go even further than ever.

A quick search on their website turns up more than a hundred results for 38G bikinis, and the vast majority of them are actually in desirable styles rather than the dull, shapeless rubbish you find on your local high street!

Ranging in price from $54 to $125 (that's approximately £33 to £80) this selection definitely has something for all tastes, whether you're looking for one piece swimsuits or just regular bikinis, there's something that's bound to catch your eye.

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