21st birthday dress

21 is a great age to be. This calls for a celebration so save up for a big birthday bash. Get your ass in a fabulous 21st birthday dress!

What you choose to wear on this big day is very crucial. Don’t wear a long dress because you’re not turning 40 and don’t wear a ball gown since it’s not a sweet 16 party. Look fresh and free. Glam up with flirty dresses in bold colours and killer heels. Check out this pink satin dress by H&M available at your nearest H&M store or order online at www.hm.com. It has a beaded neckline and costs only £29.99. Why not try the grey figure fitting satin dress that you can pair up with boots and stockings. It’s available for only £24.99.

You can also find a stunning 21st birthday dress from New Look. There should be a store near you or just go to their official website, www.newlook.com for convenient shopping. Check out the Elise Ryan jewel strapless dress in a beautiful blue colour. Blue is skin colour friendly and can flatter any figure. It has a pretty jewel embellishment and costs only £49.99. However, if you are planning to host a formal dinner party, try to look more conservative with the Floaty dip hem dress in rich purple. It’s sexy and glamorous on its own and doesn’t need many accessories. It’s very affordable for just £44.99.

The most important thing to bring into the party is your wonderful personality. Don’t worry about looking perfect all the time. Just enjoy and you’ll be fine.

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