2013 Wedding dress collection by Le Spose di Giò

Any future bride looking for a wedding dress would definitely ‘Say Yes to the Dress,’ to any of the sensational wedding dresses in Le Spose di Gio's 2013 collection.

Le Spose di Giò was founded in 1975 by the De Capitani sisters, Giovanna and Marisa, and they have four ateliers in Italy and one exclusive boutique in London.

Every wedding dress in the designer collection is made to measure in Italy and they only use natural materials like pure silk, cashmere and French lace.

This designer label creates high fashion bridal gowns, with simple, but impeccable chic lines, and there’s none of that Hollywood bling or meringue styles in these fascinating dresses, just timeless sophistication denoting the epitome of understated elegance that has made Le Spose di Giò exclusively famous.

The styles in the 2013 collection range from the 50s to the 90’s retro looks, but reinterpreted in a very modern key and they also have contemporary and cosmopolitan bridal gowns.

Le Spose di Giò doesn’t limit themselves to the classic virginal white, but the gowns are also available in pale and subtle romantic pink, or very pale blue, and all have an exquisite detail that makes the dress stand out, but doesn’t overpower the wearer.

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If you love the classic style, there are the long dresses and Le Spose di Giò has both wide and narrow skirts that can be tiered or not, with different types of bodices. There are long sheath silhouettesin sculpted chiffon or the Mikado double sash gown with a short train or ones with delicate tulle wrapped around the shoulders and their silk column dresses seem more like evening gowns than a wedding dresses.

For those who want to avoid going down the long dress routine for whatever reason, Le Spose di Giò also has some stunning short gowns that are just as chic and beautiful as the long ones.

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