2013 Oscar hit and misses from the red carpet

Sometimes the Oscars’ seem more about making fashion statements – good or bad and sometimes really bad, and plugging a designer than seeing who is going to take home that iconic gold statue.

So off we go to decide who were some of the well dressed and who needs a consultant to help work on their choices before taking another stroll down the red carpet.

The uber eccentric and super talented Helena Bonham-Carter went to the Oscar’s wearing a black-and-white layered Vivienne Westwood, and her signature messy hair, that matches her mate Tim Burton, however very few women can carry themselves with the aplomb that Westwood’s dresses require. We give her a 6 out of 10

Les Misstar and all around heart throb Hugh Jackman and wife Deborra-Lee Furness were wearing his and hers matching Tom Ford tuxes. For us, Jackman looks good even dressed as Wolverine, so the guy can do no wrong. Furness looks good, but that overly important black necklace takes something away from the outfit. Our vote for Jackman is 10, his partner gets a 5.

Super singer Adele, who just doesn’t give a damn about her weight – and how right she is, received her Oscar for Best Original Song for film Skyfall in a dress designed by Jenny Packham that looks to be inspired by the black and mysterious galaxy. The dress isn’t right, but at least the lady looks comfortable and the hair do is pure 1960s. And for her performance she changed into a similar looking dress – only shorter and this one was Burberry. Our vote overall for the two dresses, 5.

Amanda Seyfried went to Tinsel town wearing an Alexander McQueen frock, she’s stunning and so was the halter dress that was pale lilac and featured silver dragonfly embroidery that was very 1990s, but put together they were just not dramatic enough. Dress 10, Seyfried 10, together a passing 6.

Eddy Redmayne showed up in a Burberrytux and spiky bed hair, and awesome mix for another Oscar hottie. Our vote for the Les Mis star is 10

Salma Hayek squeezed her hour glass curvy figure into midnight blue gown by Alexander McQueen with a glittering gold embellished high neckline holding up the entire ensemble, and Oscar dress for sure, but maybe a little too much for the petite star, who between the hair and heels probably gained a foot in height. Our vote -6.

Nicole Kidman shimmered and shone in her black-and -gold L'Wren Scott evening gown with its square-cut neckline that was accessorized with gold drop earrings and a gold bracelet, and a Oscar worthy and super glam dress. Vote 9.

Bradley Cooper wore a tuxedo by Tom Ford. This tux was custom-made from recycled fabric as part of the Green Carpet ethical initiative. Kudos for the initiative and for the actor. Vote 10

strong>Naomie Harris showed up wearing a Michael Badger, a fashion design student being mentored by Vivienne Westwood. The dress was created from organic silk crepe de chine and embellished using recycled zippers and the embroidery features vintage glass beads and chocolate wrappers. A super risky or shall we say risque dress with that slit that went from ankle to waist. Photographers were just waiting for a fashion accident to happen and see what panties she was wearing or if she was vajazzled. Vote 4.

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