1940s fancy dress costumes and ideas

1940s fancy dress costumes are among some of the easiest options. There are a number of different styles to choose from – many of which come in and out of season on a regular basis. Here are just three great ideas to choose from.

Consider the Famous People

One of the best options when it comes to 1940 s fancy dress costumes is to opt for famous people from that time. There are a number of great stars, including Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin. The costumes are extremely easy to do; most of them are just simple suits.

There are also some fun famous characters that you can dress up as, which hit the screens during the 1940s. Pinocchio and Bugs Bunny are just two popular options.

War Time Costumes

The start of the 1940s was war time, which offers some ideas for 1940 s fancy dress costumes. It is possible to hire 1940 style military costumes to go as a soldier from the British Army. There are also possibilities for women, since the 1940s was the time of the WASPs in the States, which was the Women Airforce Service Pilots.

Keep it Simple

If you really want to keep the 1940 s fancy dress costumes simple, then consider using headscarves and turbans. These were extremely popular during the decade, along with wedged shoes. Most of the clothing styles from the time were military style and looked old. Remember that this was war time so most people had to mend their own clothing due to rationing.

Where to Get the Costumes From

When it comes to searching for 1940 s fancy dress costumes, the best place to search is online. This means that you are not limited to one area and can often spend less money. A popular option is 1940sfancydress.co.uk, which is full of traditional and sexy styles. There are some excellent options for under £50 while some of the more authentic styles cost over £200.

If you really want to keep the costs low, then you should consider shopping on Ebay.co.uk. While the ratings do change on a regular basis, there are many full costumes available for under £50, including a full female naval costume or male RAF costume.

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