The best of 1920s fancy dress accessories

The 1920s showed fancy dress accessories reflecting the booming times of the economy. At this time, women started to dress with more freedom. Some of the popular trends during this period included dropped waist dresses, lengthy necklaces, fascinators, and stockings. The Gatsby look was the perfect epitome of the roaring 20's from pastel colours to open toe footwear. Let us take a trip down memory lane.

The accessories

Women began to emerge as part of the workforce in the 1920s and were therefore starting to become economically viable as wage earners. In addition, economic growth in general contributed to increased purchasing power. This was reflected in 1920s fancy dress accessories becoming part of women’s outfits. From head to toe, the flapper look dominated the scene. Women’s emancipation started to flourish with trousers, breeches and slit skirts dominating the fashion scene. Tresses were chopped off giving way to the bob cut.

  • Fascinators

Fascinators are trademarks of the 20s giving the head and hair a decorative look. The headpiece usually consisted of lace or made with feathers, beads and flowers. Attached to the hair with barrettes, bobby pins, or comb, fascinators are fun pieces that can even be decorated with beads, ribbons and crystals.

  • Rolled stockings

Rolled stockings were part of the 1920's style signifying a fashion statement and liberation from uncomfortable corsets.

  • Hat

The cloche hat was very reminiscent of this epoque. This type of hat worked well with women who have small heads since it is meant to be pulled down until the eyebrows for an impish or coquettish look. The large sun hat was also common when spending the day outside under sunny conditions.

  • Bags

At this time, women carried little in their purse, but handbags were still used as accessories. In fact, women during this period never left home without a bag, hat, and gloves. Materials varied from beaded bags to leather purses.

  • Shoes

Footwear was sturdy with solid heels and pointed ends from “Mary Jane” to T-strap shoes.

  • Jewellery

Long necklaces were part of the charm of the 1920's. Pearls were mainly used or their equivalent and strands of necklaces adorned a woman’s neck. Earrings were of the same material such as long drop or dangling earrings. Costume jewellery was also used such as ornate rhinestone earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

  • Umbrellas

The parasol was part of the woman’s ensemble with dainty ruffles and trims.


The 1920s fancy dress accessories are making a comeback like everything else in fashion. They have become classics in modern fashion hiding under the guise of vintage or bohemian style of dressing. Mixing and matching these accessories with outfits is always a fun affair for they are simply unique and fascinating.

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